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Custom Modifications Archives | Lombardi Bros

Colour Coding

Colour coding is one of Lombardi Bros many talents.  So many of our clients when they purchase new Range Rovers & Jaguars, want to make their car stand out even more than they already do, so they choose to colour code their vehicles.  We can colour code vehicles in many ways.

Brake Callipers

Are you sick of seeing black brake dust on your dull looking brake callipers, and want to add a bit of “shine” to make your car stand out……… paint your brake callipers – whatever colour you like!


Car owners take great pride in the appearance of their automobiles. To keep them looking as attractive as possible, Paint your Rims!  If you are tired of looking at your scratched painted rims, Lombardi Bros can look after you.

Compound & Polishing

If you’ve never had your car detailed before, or even if you have, you may not be aware of what buffing is. Some people believe that it’s nothing more than another word for polishing. While it does share similarities, buffing actually refers to a process that removes a small layer of a vehicle’s paint. Doing so has a number of advantages, such as fresh layer revealed, longer lasting finish and removes minor scratches.


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